Welcome to Rossland Dispensary

Open Monday through Saturday and we are located in Suite B at 2197 Columbia Ave – aka the Velvet Building – in beautiful Rossland, British Columbia. There is parking in front but many find it easier to park on Columbia and walk down. We are a medical dispensary so please see our medical forms checklist for specific requirements on becoming a member. People have a lot of questions about dispensaries, and we would encourage absolutely ANYONE to give us a call, email, or just drop in for a visit and find out what we are all about.

Our Shop

Rossland Dispensary provides laboratory testing of the medical cannabis flower and edibles it sells to ensure patients have access to safe medicine. Analysis helps patients determine the overall experience and effectiveness when choosing their medicine.

CBD Phoenix Tears 200mg

200 mg Phoenix Tears from Purely Medicinal



ORGANIC INDICA  THC 17% Bubba Kush is a perfect strain for relaxation due to its tranquilizing effects with a very happy and euphoric high.



Baked cannabis own cannabis tiger-balm. Powerful, fast-acting, and all the benefits of a full-profile cannabinoid and terpene infusion


Mota THC Tincture - Indica

30mg/ml Simple and effective qualities we like in life and …turn out …in cannabis medication. Medication doesn’t get much simpler than the highest quality derivatives with consistent, pure and precisely specified THC and/or CBD are what Mota tinctures deliver.



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